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L44 Crate Engine for Sale

A used L44 crate engine is available on this website. People who are beginning a quest to research what blocks are still available on the preowned market will appreciate this resource. There were only 4 installations of the V6 2.8-liter motor in a 3-year period at the GM company between 1995 and 1988. Inventory can be scarce although buying an L44 crate engine for sale is much simpler at this PTG resource in North America.

GM 2.8 MPFI V6 Engine Specs

The original specs posted by GM inside of its service manuals listed the L44 with 3600 pounds of foot torque. This was the base level. A 5200 RPM rating was started on the base and high output models that were used only in the Fiero. The horsepower was never upgraded from the original 140 hp design.

The fuel system was the latest technology available in the mid 1980s for the 2.8-liter block. The multi-port fuel injection system was in place long before the TBI or the sequential systems in use in modern automotive engineering. A common technique that people employ when updating the older MPFI systems is to rebuild portions of the motor to get more power.

There are 173 cubic inches in the standard block. The 90-degree design has been a feature on multiple builds production in General Motors factories world wide. As an overhead valve block, there are 6 cylinders with 12 valves that are precisely spaced to produce the immediate power level available.

Vehicles That Used the L44 Engine

The Citation X was the upgrade to the early edition built in 1985. To entice more people to buy this compact automobile, GM installed the 2.8L V6. The 6000 for Pontiac was also a series that was marketed with the 140 hp series. The Chevy Celebrity was issued the standard block although the most performance was found in the Pontiac Fiero.

A much larger air take system was installed to produce the HO featured in the Fiero as a performance car. These units are available through this website as well as the regular editions found in the smaller Chevrolet and Pontiac cars.

How to Buy 2.8L V6 Motors Online

What is the weight of the L44 engine? For most shipments, the weight is calculated at a stock 362 pounds before crating. This is important data that some people appreciate knowing before going through with a sale. The easiest way to purchase is to utilize the e-commerce tools that are provided at PTG.

By adding a production year to the search, results are displayed quicker. Mileage for the block and what warranty terms are included are always given to people before a sale. People who need a little extra help can speak to a GM parts expert by phone. The number posted on this website is what to use to get immediate help. MSRP prices or applied discounts provided are current and customized for every buyer who shops here.