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L47 Engine for Sale

The Northstar engine was an L47 block built by General Motors between 1995 and 2003. This build has a special history as being a dual-tier block utilized in standard and performance automobiles. As a top model, the used L47 engine for sale inventory posted on this website is available to buy. Consumers have the option of exploring all applicable VIN numbers using the computerized system presented at Powertrain Guys.

Specs of the L47 4.0L V8

While some installations offered as much as 650 horsepower, the consumer was limited to a 250 hp rating. The iron block was fixed with a 243 cubic inch displacement. The dual overhead cam (DOHC) series supports the needs of the 8-cylinder design. The L47 has been modified for drag racing and other high performance motor sports through the years.

The ratio of compression found in the Northtstar is rated at 10:3:1. The 8 years of manufacturing at General Motors were awarded with higher than average sales for the complete 4.0L blocks. Sometimes called the Aurora engine, the L47 can still be found through aftermarket and junk parts resellers in the USA.

Vehicles Using the 4.0L Northstar Motor

The Oldsmobile Aurora and Shelby Series 1 automobiles are two examples of vehicles using the high performance V8. While horsepower ranges were different depending on the model, the gaskets and internal parts were mostly the same. Some people try to find quality information on the Internet by typing certain phrases into search portals. These include: Is the Northstar V8 a reliable engine? Is the Northstar a good engine or not?

Every person defines something good in a different way. There have been no public acknowledgements listed in service bulletins that declared any problems with the 4.0L block that could not be fixed quickly. EGR valves fail on most vehicles and this is seen as a minor problem for GM automobiles. Thankfully, the automotive salvage industry is the largest supporter of used Northstar engines for sale.

Buy Preowned L47 Blocks for a Discount

What do hundreds of junk parts resellers have in common? These companies know where to locate the top condition components for later resale to the public. Powertrain Guys supports purchasing from its partners that include second hand parts shops. Because finding precise inventory is an issue, the computerization of product inventory has been completed at this website. Customer service agents do take calls by phone if more details are needed by motor buyers at PTG.

Any DOHC build in RPO L47 or other option code is available for exploration right here on this portal. Consumers will get to know the mileage and other data that is specific for each unit. What is important is that freight fees are waived for business owners, body shops and other commercial entities. This reduces the selling price compared to what can be bought on Craigslist or eBay motors. Adding in a VIN sequence to a typical search on this website ensures that the right price is displayed.