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L59 Engine for Sale

L59 RPO code refers to the 5.3 Chevy engine that is an OHV V8. This is for sale using this website. It is also referenced by a more common name. The Vortec 5.3 is one of the standard edition motors found in light-duty trucks and SUVs. Powertrain Guys is always improving its inventory with new units to find. Get an L59 engine for sale cheap.

Specs of the L59 V8

General Motors started developed on its newest L series builds in 2002. The LM7 was the most common 5300 in use until this time. Except for some modifications in performance, the L59 Chevy engine is about the same as earlier builds. What did change was the flex fuel compatibility.

The horsepower is usually a fixed number in automotive engineering. A 10 number difference appears in the Suburban and the Silverado. This might be because of the different transmissions inside. The base horsepower is 285 while the largest is 295.

In 2007, General Motors stopped building its Vortec 5300. The OHV V8 does live on though in the form of preowned assemblies. Complete compatibility for the motors we have is extended to the Sierra, Yukon and Silverado. Truck owners or others will who use these builds for a swap will not have trouble installation one.

L59 Vortec Engine Warranty

Are you having problems finding a replacement? Did your local mechanic charge you too much for a repair? A lot can go wrong if someone is not careful in a V8 block. Well over a thousands parts are installed on the interior. PTG does not sell any inventory that is not featured with a warranty plan. This is the only way to go for consumers.

Every plan is tailored to fix what might potentially go wrong. No one can predict a factory part failure. Issues that come up should be remedied though. The long-term solutions that PowertrainGuys.com gives to its customers make a huge difference.

Buy 5300 Vortec Motors Here

You can verify our company by calling us on the phone. We are real people. It is too easy to sell something behind the cover of an auction page online. Let our actual team members find the lowest MSRP for you. We prepare shipments in North America every working day. This seven days a week investment of our time is to benefit you.

Quotes get calculated based around your needs. Everyone has a different shipping address. The order might be going to a service center and not a residence. A lot must be considered in our price calculations. Get the real sticker price through our database right now. Let our staff know after this happens and you can then make an order.