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L61 Engine for Sale Second Hand

The L61 RPO GM engine is a 2.2L Ecotec block first built in the year 2000. This model is part of the Generation I family of units built for sedan, van and SUV applications. While there have been modifications from the original design, the basic technology has remained unchanged. A user of this website can buy an L61 engine for sale for a heavily discounted price in the USA.

Specs of the L61 Block

There are 134 cubic inches that are found on the cast iron block of the 2.2-liter DOHC design. The smallest horsepower range was the first installation into the LS1 Saturn vehicle. A mere 140 hp was provided although the Chevrolet and Holden models offered a boost in performance and power.

There are two known differences in the amount of compression on the Ecotec editions. The improved ratio was set by General Motors at 10:0:1. The early models had a slightly lesser amount that was configured as 9:5:1. The outdated LM3 engine was what was later turned into the L61 motor block.

The standard fuel injection systems (SFI) built in the early 2000s were not direct injection like the newer Z22YH editions. The Opel brand of vehicles have popularized the use of the direct fuel delivery systems in the series of family model cars built in the European market.

Cars That Used the 2.2L GM Engine

Saturn vehicles were produced in the state of Tennessee during the entire run of manufacturing until the year 2009. The Vue and Ion vehicles were two of the known models that relied on the Generation I 2.2-liter Ecotec L61 motors. Before the termination of the Pontiac brand, there were several trim models that had the 4-cylinder series installed.

The G5, Sunfire and Grand Am were marketed in the U.S. as well as Canada with the modified compression ratio editions. The Oldsmobile Alero, Chevy Cobalt and Chevy Cavalier were other motor vehicles that benefited in the early 2000s from the Ecotec 2.2L platform.

How to Buy Used L61 Engines Online

The salvage 16-valve motor inventory that is made available daily on this website has been certified for its condition. This is an important part of the preowned parts buying puzzle for consumers or automotive mechanics. Being sure that what is purchased is really top quality can never be overlooked. Powertrain Guys makes it entirely effortless to purchase used GM 4-cylinder motors here.

Because each price is calculated from each supplier, a person who requests a price quote can quickly compare discounts. All inventory posted here is taken right from junk yards and dismantling companies. A full components warranty is attached to cover a majority of the factory OEM parts that come with every block. A call to the customer service department can be a rewarding experience for a person ready to buy a second hand product.