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L62 Engine for Sale V8-6-4 Used

Cadillac cars used the L62 engine for the first time in 1981. Picked to be a revolutionary piece of technology, the modified V8 block was able to self-correct its fuel economy. The gas guzzler larger engines in the early 80s were hoped to be corrected with the use of the 8-cylinder system built at General Motors. Someone who needs a classic block can buy an L62 engine for sale without worry on this website 24/7.

Specs for the V8-6-4 Block

The displacement is a 6.0-liter design although offers about 6.3 in mathematical terms. GM tried its best to help its Cadillac brand by creating an upgraded block from the L61 in 1980. The secret behind the 8-6-4 system was not just the smaller 368 cubic inch displacement. The top speed of 140 horsepower did contribute to the overall speed control effect that was a first on this version.

The concept of the V8-6-4 was to utilize a better fuel injection system. By allowing acceleration with all 8 cylinders, the full power level was achieved until an average speed was reached. Before the motor was warmed up to an intermediate speed, a decrease to a 6-cylinder power level was achieved. When the engine reached a cruising speed level, a 4-cylinder operation was put into effect. This system was a way to conserve fuel without making the displacement smaller.

6.0-Liter Versus 4.1-Liter V8

While the 8-6-4 was only produced for a 12-month period, there were enough of the vehicles featuring this block sold to create demand for classic motor vehicle parts. GM did downgrade the displacement for all later models to a 4.1-liter edition. This Powertrain Guys website helps people to buy most types of motors used in Cadillac cars created within the past 3 decades.

General Motors did not abandon its Computer Command Module system that was found inside of the 6.0L series. It was later re-programmed and featured a better chip system that did not produce as many errors during regular use. The Active Cylinder Technology models do remain in demand especially on the second hand auto parts market nationally.

Buy L62 Auto Engines in Used Condition

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