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L64 Engine for Sale Used

L64 RPO code engines from GM refer to a 3.1L variant. Used in the Lumina motor vehicles, the flex fuel and standard fuel versions had a three-year lifespan. General Motors stepped up its production for its sedan V6 vehicles in the early 1990s. Several vehicles that were marketed during this time were updated to find a new audience. People can buy preowned L64 engine for sale inventory straight from the source on this website.

Generation II 3100 GM Blocks

When it comes to fuel systems and delivery, a large portion of the 6-cylinder blocks benefited as the Gen II series was produced. Starting in 1987, the overhead valve design was prominent until the 1994 year. There are 191 cubic inches that are part of the cast iron 3.1-liter versions.

The Chevrolet Lumina was the only vehicle brand that was tested with the dual fuel blocks. The development was discontinued on the smaller series motors although installations continued with larger engine builds. The most common transmissions that are found connected to the 3.1L editions are the 3T40 and 4T60.

The Z34 and sedan versions that were marketed domestically and in Canada did offer more than one 6-cylinder product. People who are swapping a build can choose between the LH0 or L64 units. Powertrain Guys retails each of these versions and makes it easy to find a discount price prior to placing an order here online.

L64 Aluminum Head Motors

The easiest way to tell if a unit was produced during the 1987 to 1993 production year is to look at the heads. The MPFI series were designed with an aluminum head. This was different from the cast iron products that were offered in earlier decades. While improvements have been made in engineering over the Gen II production, some people still prefer the way that the heat is removed from the aluminum units.

Prices for 3.1-Liter Used Auto Engines

PowertrainGuys.com is the North American resource to find, compare or to order automobile motors that are no longer in production. By creating a buyer’s network through junk yards, adults have been able to depend on the company relationships. A term of protection for parts that were installed OEM is shipped out with every order that is placed on this portal.

A customer service option by telephone is available as well. Customers can find out VIN details or delivery estimates when calling. Every call is routed to a parts service specialist who takes pride in delivering price estimates and answering questions. The quality of all inventory is preowned and nothing has been rebuilt by previous owners. Swaps and low mileage installations are much easier using PTG as a main supplier.