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L65 Engine for Sale

The OHV 6.5L diesel engine refers to the RPO L65 at General Motors. This build is a turbocharged block. It was used prominently in the three-quarter ton and one-ton trucks. As one of the most reliable versions produced, this edition can easily be purchased in used condition here. All L65 engine for sale products on this website have been discounted for buyers.

High Output 6.5L Specs

People who need to identify the L65 can do so by reviewing the VIN number. If a check digit of “F” is provided, it is the right OEM edition. There have been a few generations of the 8-cylinder diesel units produced since the 1970s. Some people confuse the two-barrel option in the ’72 and later Nova with the HO V8.

The block is constructed from a cast iron material. This was selected because it was standard to help protect the internal parts from high heat. As an overhead valve model, the 6.5-liter is capable of producing 215 horsepower at 4200 RPMs.

The intake manifold was much different on the earlier L65 motors than ones that are currently produced. There were editions built without catalytic converters. Most of the non-EGR equipped versions were upgraded with a digital control process. In any case, consumers are still able to buy used Chevy motors here at PTG.

Applications of the 6.5L Diesel

Some Blazer, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, C/K, Hummer and K2500 series vehicles have all received the L65. Starting in the year 1992, GM recycled its RPO numbers to attach the code to its turbocharged series. There are 397 cubic inches available in the standard cast iron block options. The valve train is a two-valve per cylinder assembly. A heavy ratio of compression was supplied at 21:3:1.

Some problems did exist that were announced by some Chevy and GMC vehicle owners. Main bearings could wear out, crankshafts could fail and the main cylinder head could fail under stress. These are problems that could be fixed with proper maintenance. GM has not publicly recalled any of the 8-cylinder editions to fix such issues.

Buy Used GM V8 Engines Online

The used Detroit Diesel inventory that can be ordered on this website comes right from junk yards. The American companies that have agreed to supply this inventory are known businesses. Since inventory figures can change from day to day, finding out what is for sale is easier here.

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