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L66 Engine for Sale

The GM L66 engine is actually a J35A3 used in the Vue under the Saturn subsidiary. General Motors licensed the rights to use this block inside of its larger SUVs before discontinuing the Saturn brand. As a 3471 cubic centimeter block, it does include the VVT system found in nearly all Honda motors. Powertrain Guys offers people the chance to buy an L66 engine for sale here online.

Honda Motors in Saturn Cars

The construction of the J35 series was due to the agreement to build 6-cylinder engines in the state of Ohio by Honda Motor Company. The single overhead cam design was chosen and installed in the MDX sport utility vehicles. Through a partnership with GM, a trade was made to swap the 1.7-liter diesel series for the 3.5-liter V6.

There are 250 horsepower found in the L66 marketed in the Saturn vehicles. In the standard Honda SUVs, the hp was listed as 248. A total of 211 cubic inches were placed into the design of the iron block. A redline limit of 5800 RPM was figured into the 3.5-liter that perfectly matched the requirements of modern SUVs.

First Generation 3.5-Liter Motors

Only two generations of vehicles were produced for the Vue nameplate. The 2001 to 2007 years was the manufactured period for the L66 complete motor. Some versions featured the L81 block or a revised 2.4-liter. A person hoping to find accurate information about where to buy a used Saturn Vue engine can easily navigate this portal.

A misconception is found on the web for the L66 RPO code. In the late 1960s, a GM L66 engine was promoted as a two-barrel block. This unit featured 265 horsepower and 396 CID. The model number was switched with the creation of the Saturn brand. A recycled number was attached to the J35A3 edition.

6-Cylinder Saturn Engine Warranty Term

PowertrainGuys.com has suppliers that ensure that a minimum of a two-year term is provided with every warranty. For the average person, this means a top quality unit with good parts coverage. While it is impossible to cover every OEM component, the best percentage of protection is available in the warranty contracts offered here. There is no additional charge for this consumer added coverage for orders placed at PTG.

Prices for L66 Motors Online

Anyone using the features of this website can find a price quickly. Instead of looking through a list of what might be available, exact supplier product inventory is found here. Consumers or mechanics can receive a valid price quotation by using a model year and/or VIN number. Going through with an order if the MSRP is low enough is equally simple.