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L67 Engine for Sale Used Complete Block

The Series II 3.8-liter engine was supercharged as the L67 at GM in the year 1996. As a performance block for the sedan and luxury vehicles, this edition was quite popular until its termination in the year 2005. A change to several of the internal components was noticeable compared with the regular L-series builds produced during the same period. An L67 engine for sale can be purchased right here without any delay.

Specs of the 3800 Supercharged Motor

The official specs put out by General Motors after the introduction of the 3.8-liter turbo marketed a 240 horsepower range. This power level could be modified by a vehicle owner or left alone to the factory specs. It is very common for people to search the used parts industry to find a preowned 3.8-liter V6 to rebuild.

The ratio of block compression in the Series II turbo motors was 8:5:1. This did not change for the entire production era for the 3.8L. Changes were made to the original heads to ensure that the right flow of air could benefit the M090 supercharger. The standard throttle body was improved on the original design of the 3.8-liter first built in 1995.

Vehicles Using the L67 Engine Block

The top cars in the GM family had the opportunity to by promoted in North America with the supercharged Series II units. The Monte Carlo, Bonneville, Grand Prix, Park Avenue, Eighty-Eight and Impala vehicles all received this block. Holden also promoted the use of the Series II builds after production ceased in the North American market.

Rebuilt 3.8L Versus Used

Some people go through the selection process trying to debate whether a used or rebuilt model is the better buy. While it does cost a little more to have a unit reconditioned, most professional jobs to help extend the lifespan of the assembly. At Powertrain Guys, the cost is minimal to pick up a preowned model that can be installed with the factory motor mounts.

Likely the most important component of any motor purchase is the warranty package. There are secondary market companies that offer a low price, but only provide a 90-day components protection period. The standard automotive warranty for OEM parts through PTG suppliers is currently a 24-month time frame.

Buy Preowned L67 Automobile Engines

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