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L68 Engine for Corvette and Camaro

The L68 Corvette engine was used first in 1967 as part of performance upgrades at General Motors. The Super Sport (SS) Camaro won the contest for the initial installation to prove the horsepower available. Automobile lovers have appreciated the 5.7-liter offerings more than four decades. Buying a used L68 engine for Corvette and Camaro is still possible online. Using this website, a discount price is made available to all people.

L68 Engine Specs Updated

There is some discrepancy on the total amount of compression that was available for each of the revised motors built during the 1967 to 1980 years. The first editions had a whopping 10:25:1 setup while later models featured only 8:5:1. This was likely due to fuel regulations that affected the horsepower. Fuel preservation was key concept for automakers by the 1980s.

The 1969 Corvette L8 series also had slightly different main bolts. Some units are two-bolt while others are four-bolt blocks. A separate air intake system is what separated the actual bolt designs. It can be confusing to a buyer who does not know this bit of history about the L68 small-block engine.

Hydraulic lifters were installed on the cast alloy block. The 350 8-cylinder series was rated for 300 horsepower although some people have modified their blocks to a 400 hp setup. These editions are much easier to work on compared to the latest editions that feature multiple sensors and modules.

Vehicles Using the 5.7-Liter Small-Block

While some people do associate the L68 motor with the SS Camaro, it was actually used in most of the GM lineup. The Corvette, Nova, Chevelle, Impala, SS Camaro and some El Camino cars featured the 350 base. Another interesting insight is the strict compatibility with automotive transmissions for the 5.7L. These units were most often paired with Muncie, Saginaw and Cleveland transmissions.

The four-speed and five-speed editions that were built for the 13-year production period of the L68 are regarded as some of the finest at GM. A person seeking a used small-block motor in V8 size will have the ability to receive a valid price quotation while visiting this website or calling the service number provided.

Prices for V8 Corvette Motors

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The MSRP is always discounted due to the used condition of the units that are shippable. Each assembly has already been checked out for any type of errors or issues to make sure they are clean. Buying older motors from a good resource is the only way that a consumer can be protected in the vast array of web parts dealers.