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L69 Engine for Sale

The L69 engine was built between 1983 and 1986 in the USA. General Motors added to its 305 CID inventory with the creation of its latest 5.0L unit. Multiple performance based vehicles were marketed internationally that featured the high output V8 power. Anyone using this website can buy an L69 engine for sale without paying super high dealer prices.

Specs of the L69 Motor

General Motors was one of the first companies to utilize what was coined “HO” power in its 8-cylinder blocks. The 9:5:1 compression that is found in the cast iron 5.0L contributed to the 190 base horsepower available. The higher than standard output was one of things that people loved about the performance series from GM in the 1980s.

The peak speed level was achieved with the L69 at 4800 RPMs. As part of the 305 cubic inch small-block base, aluminum pistons were part of the unique touch that the engineers provided during manufacturing. There were few motors built like the 305 that had a longer lifespan in modern automotive manufacturing.

Automobiles Using 5.0L V8 Engines

Bringing back the horsepower was one goal at General Motors during its mid 1980s engineering. Cars such as the Firebird, Z28, Iroc Z and Monte Carlo SS were all marketed with the L69 block. The F-Body automobiles were part of a different class of cars and these were only produced for a short time.

Sales were strong for these editions and collectors worldwide still try to find good condition versions at auctions and car shows. Powertrain Guys supports buying through salvage companies because of the quality standards. Every piece of inventory that can be found while utilizing the tools on this website comes from these agencies.

Prices for Used 305 8-Cylinder Blocks

All retailers promote MAP pricing for most types of auto parts for sale. This can change from company to company when motors are part of the equation. The classic Chevrolet components that are part of this website have all gone through a real certification procedure. This protects the public when buying something that is classified as preowned. Every dealer that provides a price or stock data is a researched company.

VIN numbers do help speed up the display of discounted MSRP pricing that is obtainable here at PTG. If a person does not have this information while researching, a manufacturing year and make of a vehicle can be used in place of this data. Most shipments to a commercial address are free of charge when placing orders on this portal. A person can easily speed to a used Chevy parts expert by making contact through the toll-free number offline.