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L72 Engine for Sale

The L72 RPO engine can be classified as two different assemblies. People who love classic vehicles might associate this block with the 427 CID V8 series. Late model cars built after the year 1994 also used this code to identify the smaller four-cylinder edition. People using this website to find quality auto parts to buy can find an L72 engine for sale in both displacements.

RPO L72 Motor Specs

Second Generation manufacturing of the Metro vehicle provided the means for GM to install the FWD 1.3-liter block. A total of 70 hp was all that the I4 series was built for although the M platform vehicles were only three-door or four-door cars. The smaller base offered the correct power level while preserving total fuel mileage.

Suzuki vehicles also made use of the 1.3-liter for a number of years in the U.S. and Canadian market. The option code to identify this build is G13BA. The Metro from Geo built between 1992 and 1997 was also promoted with the L72 engine block. The Firefly from Pontiac and Swift from Suzuki were two of the popular North American brands in the I4 class at GM.

The SOHC design used the MPFI fuel system like most General Motors builds. Since the 1.3L was considered an international product, the fuel economy was one of the features that consumers appreciated the most. This Powertrain Guys website is one of the only resources that supplies used M platform motors.

1324 Cubic Centimeter Engine Warranties

Preowned product buyers should always be aware when purchasing automotive components on the Internet. Not every retailer is honest about what is being listed. The main traps that consumers can get into includes purchasing a high mileage block with zero parts protection. PTG uses a top salvage network of companies that check out every model in advance.

These reviews help many people to order the correct block without having problems in the future if parts should fail. Around 90 percent of the installed parts are included in the written OEM warranty plans that are supplied. These plans do not cost money for a person who buys products retailed here.

Prices for Used L72 1.3L Blocks

Due to using a computer system that posts accurate inventory, PowertrainGuys.com does list all relevant data for consumers. Whether a mechanic or regular person shops at this portal, anyone can find a fair sale price without effort. A strong e-commerce platform here is provided to process orders through suppliers.

A vehicle identification number does help in the initial matching process in the warehouse, but it is not a requirement here. If someone using this portal is not able to find pricing, a call to the support personnel at the number listed will correct this issue.