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L73 Engine for Sale

The L73 GM engine was used in Pontiac motor vehicles in the 1980s and early 1990s. The T platform design for smaller vehicles fit well with the 1.6-liter displacement. The short lived LeMans cars that were marketed as sedans in the North American market did showcase what the 4-cylinder market needed. Any auto parts buyer can order a used L73 engine for sale at a good discount price here.

Specs of the L73 Block

The GM Family 1 motors were used in Europe first before entry into American vehicles. Technology from Opel set the groundwork for the development of the four-cylinder 1.6L. The RPM range for the Lemans automobiles was 5600. This was possible thanks to throttle body injection system. While some refer to this motor as a Daewoo Lemans, it is known for use in Pontiac brands.

A level of power of 74 horsepower is all that the L73 block provided. While this was suitable for smaller sedans, it did not have the get up and go that the larger 2.0-liter blocks had in the GSE LeMans cars. The compression was marketed as 8:6:1 in the 1598 cubic centimeter setup. A 97 cubic inch displacement provided the final touch for the GM T platform motors.

Three-Door and Four-Door Car Engines

The General Motors auto parts inventory that includes complete engines in used condition at PowertrainGuys.com is salvaged material. These are checked out units that are free of common deterioration and rust. A professional auto expert has certified each 1.6-liter 4-cylinder motor to provide accurate assessments to consumers. The price structures reflect the mileage level and the condition of all products up for sale.

The supplies of used L73 engines by GM that are marketed here for the public to buy do include a warranty plan. Since mileage can cause parts to go bad or other problems, it is a requirement to protect any components on the block. A fully supported warranty term is automatically offered at the point of sale here. There is no extra charge when buying a Family 1 motor here for parts protection.

Prices for L73 Motor Blocks Online

More than 200 junk yards in the United States provide what is shippable from the parts warehouse at Powertrain Guys. The network is part of the largest interchange in the USA for used condition components. The pricing is automatically viewable through usage of the very automotive tools on this website.

A vehicle identification number can be provided when using the database of parts here. The 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 model years are located in the computer system at PTG. If a person cannot locate the right data, a call into the customer support department will provide more insight into what check digits are available to explore in the company warehouse.