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L82 Engine for Sale

The L82 RPO code was used to identify Corvette engines. GM wanted to continue its production of performance series motors in the early 1970s. The answer to the consumer demand was to produce a better version for its 350 editions. As a popular block to pickup on the second hand market, the L82 engine for sale inventory posted here is in good condition and ready for shipment.

L82 Engine History at GM

For the production schedule from 1973 to 1980, the main factory in St. Louis, MO helped produce the 5.7L V8 models. These units were constructed to feature a high output performance level. The overhead valve (OHV) appearance was standard at General Motors during this period in history. The assemblies built were often found connected to 4-speed transmissions.

What is the compression for the stock 5.7-liter engine? Depending on the OEM documents, an 8:9:1 or 9:0:1 ratio is supplied. Someone researching the build quality of the small-block carbureted motors used inside of a Corvette should know the differences in power levels.

A set of hydraulic lifters and an MFI fuel system is part of the total 8-cylinder design. The 350 series motors that were produced during a similar time period at GM used much of the same technology. The heads that are on the L82 motor are 882 brand. A QJet carburetor is found on all original units built before 1980.

Corvette L82 Engine Specs

A range of 250 horsepower can be found on the 5.7L blocks. The most common setup was to use this edition with a four-speed transmission. The aluminum valve covers were generally black although some people modify the colors to suit the color of the Vette. It is common to estimate the cost of an L82 motor rebuild for a person who will make changes to the stock unit.

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Buy Used 5.7L Corvette Engines

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