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L92 Engine for Sale

The GM L92 engine was used in the Escalade starting in the year 2007. The bigger V8 builds that were produced at this moment in time were considered large truck and SUV blocks. A person has several decisions to make when shopping for an L92 engine for sale online. Powertrain Guys supplies access to low cost inventory.

Specs for the L92 Motor

The Generation IV manufacturing placed a lot of emphasis on higher horsepower. The most powerful gasoline motors in the world are part of the General Motors family. The compression ratio in the 6.2-liter 8-cylinder is fixed at 10:5:1. While this is an impressive number, it is still less than the Duramax diesel.

The RPM redline limit for the 6200 is marketed as 6000. Part of the reason for the better performance is the variable valve timing system. Just like Honda, GM has revamped its airflow and intake systems for optimal efficiency. The aluminum construction keeps the block from overheating. This is how the horsepower range of 393 to 403 is achieved.

The production years for the L92 379 CID motor was 2007 to 2013. The big brother to the 6.2L is known as the L9H. The most noticeable trait besides the change in RPO code is the flex fuel capability. Someone who is searching for a used L92 engine for sale can take his or her pick when it comes to fuel options.

Push Rod SUV and Truck Engines

On this PTG website, there is only one brand of block up for sale to a consumer. A preowned or used L92 crate engine is what is offered here. These editions have been taken right out of salvage inventories are supplied nationally. The editions are not reman L92 although there are other dealers offering those types.

Tests have confirmed that the Vortec 6200 will work with several vehicles. These types include Escalade, Yukon, Sierra, H2 and Denali. The late model Silverado uses the L9H due to the fuel upgrade. The second hand retail market is one excellent source to review, find and buy quality GM motors at a discount.

Buy a Vortec 6200 for Sale Online

Validation for a motor to ensure the correct mileage is listed is important. Every test performed by a junk yard partner in the PTG network confirms quality levels. Buying on this portal is super simple. The year, size and VIN number if known can all be reviewed in the database of complete motors on sale here. What people are presented with is an option to compare a price or go through with a purchase.

A support number is part of the offerings as far as customer service goes. If the MSRP cannot be validated on the web, calling to request a quote is an alternative method. A helpful associate can even process a credit card order for a budget replacement motor.