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LB1 4.3L Engine for Sale

Are LB1 engines from GM available as used? First built in 1985, the 4.3L V6 was named the Vortec block in all documentation. More than one RPO code identifies the 6-cylinder builds. It was very common to find a van or light-duty pickup truck sporting the 4300 editions. The used auto parts on this website include LB1 4.3L engine for sale inventory for consumers.

Specs of the LB1 Motor Block

Unlike the modern day V6 editions that fuel injected, the original 4.3-liter was carbureted. The brand found on OEM models is Rochester. The four-barrel carburetor provided enough support for the block to reach the 155 horsepower level. The compression ratio for the LB1 is 9:3:1.

The cubic inch displacement is 262. This was the standard size in the mid 1980s. There are 230 pounds of torque available in the stock configuration. The Safari and Astro vans were two of the automobiles that first introduced the 4.3L V6.

Because these units were discontinued almost 30 years ago, the salvage industry is the only place to locate these. PowertrainGuys.com supplies some of the best quality used automobile motors that can be purchased for GM manufactured vehicles.


The 6-cylinder block has been fixed with several fuel delivery systems. The 4300 Vortec blocks received the TBI (throttle body injection) during the year 1986. GM went through with adding this technology to most of its larger sized engine inventory.

The Quadra-Jet (Q-Jet) carburetor was used for only a one-year time period in the LB1. Some people want to modify the fuel system to increase the active performance. A higher power rating can be achieved through use of different headers and a manipulated injection system.

Prices for LB1 4.3-Liter Engines

Price tags are viewable electronically here. There is a used parts network database of distributors on this website. Anyone who prefers to purchase a complete motor block built by GM that is in preowned condition will benefit. When it comes to warranty protection, a policy is always supplied. Terms can change based on the year of manufacturer for each product.

It will take a model year and/or a vehicle identification number to accurately calculate the sale price. A customer service rep can be reached by telephone if there is an issue with the web searchable system. The inventory numbers are always accurate. Providers list what is shippable daily.