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LB4 4.3L Engine for Sale

The LB4 engine was updated in 1986 to feature TBI fuel delivery. This change increased the level of horsepower available in the 4.3L V6. The LB1 motor manufactured the previous year was a Quad-Jet four-barrel model. The improvement to the performance level helped General Motors to expand its development of the Vortec block. People can buy a used LB4 4.3L engine for sale using this automotive resource.

LB4 Motor Specs

Changing the delivery of fuel to the motor block was a major improvement for the smaller 6-cylinder builds. The 262 CID did not change after the update although compression ratios were modified. The original specs were 9:3:1 although two additional ratios were added before the 1998 production year.

The change to 8:6:1 and 9:1:1 affected some motor vehicles. The 1986 year was one of the only years where to van series for Chevrolet and GMC featured different V6 specs. The speed and power of the LB4 was mixed between 130 hp and 165 hp. The year of manufacture dictates the power level supplied.

Automobiles Using the 4.3L Engine

There were more than sport utility vehicles and light-duty trucks that featured the Vortec 4.3L V6 engine. Some of the top sellers at the time were promoting the 6-cylinder power level. The C/K trucks, Impala, S10 Blazer, GMC Jimmy, Syclone, Bravada, Sonoma S15, Grand Prix and Monte Carlo can have the 4300 series installed.

Warranties for Vortec Motors

The typical GM warranty level was 33,000 up to 66,000 miles on the block. This was generally included with a new purchase. Since the majority of preowned models have no warranties, consumers are left to make their own decisions when working with retailers online. PTG works with American companies that are able to provide 24 to 36-month protection plans for free.

How to Buy Used Vortec 4300 Blocks

Certification of any used condition product is essential. Most small retailers do not have the means to test or evaluate second hand inventory. Anything that is in stock on this website has gone through a tough review. While not every block is cleaned prior to sale, it is in the condition that is described. A price quote is available automatically by tapping into the database here.

Along with the accurate data on this page, a motor expert can be reached by phone. Quotations that are unavailable using the tools here are offered offline. Talking directly to a person who understands questions that a person has before buying a used LB4 is helpful. A cross examination of the VIN data and other essentials is supplied by a specialist.