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LB7 Crate Engine for Sale

DMAX motors include the LB7 as part of the GM partnership with Isuzu in the United States. Crate options are available on the secondary market to purchase. The diesel platform that General Motors marketed nationally included more than one V8 block. People using this Powertrain Guys portal to find an LB7 crate engine for sale will always receive the best pricing.

32-Valve Common Rail V8

Iron blocks are found in diesel powered motors due to the increase of temperature during fuel burn off. This design is combined with aluminum heads in order to complete the inter-cooled platform. A turbo is included in the OEM installation for the RPO LB7 edition. The overhead valve (OHV) system is a four-valve configuration.

The ratio for compression in the 6.6L displacement models is 17:5:1. With a higher torque rating, the Duramax LB7 crate engine is capable of better towing capacity. The engine code check digit for the DMAX is either “1”, “2”, “D” or “6” depending on the block stamp. The 32-valve editions are what can be ordered on this PTG resource.

It takes about 10 quarts of oil to fill the entire DMAX block. The shipping weight for these editions is about 835 pounds. The maximum horsepower was rated at 300 hp although the early versions were only 235. GM produced turbo LB7 between 2001 and 2004 for the North American market.

Problems With LB7 Engines

The fuel injection system is known as the weakest point on the 6.6-liter Duramax. The systems were produced by Bosch. Leaks were common and were even publicly recognized by General Motors. When someone goes to buy a used Duramax engine, validating that there are no pressure leaks is essential. The common rail design is still in use and has been the most reliable for diesel products at GM.

A total of 402 CID is found in the turbocharged 6.6-liter builds. Each model that is put up for sale featuring the standard emissions systems on this portal is a used assembly. These have been removed right from GMC and Chevrolet automobiles. The heavy-duty and standard SUVs can accept a swapped LB7 motor.

Buy Used GM Crate Motors Here

Yes, an Allison transmission or the ZF models can work with the Duramax V8. Before someone plans to purchase, reviewing the total price is a good move. Retailers across the nation have varying pricing for preowned condition sport utility vehicle motors. Obtaining the best deals comes from negotiations with auto industry suppliers.

PowertrainGuys.com gives anyone access to reviewing its sale pricing derived from supplier inventory on this website daily. Making contact with a customer service expert is another reliable way to find out how cheap a used diesel complete motor can be.