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LD5 Engine for Sale

The LD5 engine block was offered for sale for the first time in 1978. The revisions required to make this unit street legal took a few years. Even though Buick has experimented with the 231 in early years, getting the power level right was essential. If you are searching for a cast iron LD5 engine for sale, you have found the best source here.

231 CID 3.8 Specs

The 231 in the part name refers to the size of the cubic inches. GM and other automakers use these numbers to entice consumers. Known for its performance and superior horsepower, the aptly named 3.8 or 3800 was something special. If you live in the state of California, you might know the LD5 as the LC6.

Changes were made in the 1980s that affected the performance of the block. It was renamed to the LC2 where it began a new life span. This edition was turbocharged. The same 90-degree design was kept although the horsepower was improved.

Even with a preowned model, the top speed is between 235 hp and 276 hp. There are a number of Buick vehicles that have laid claim to the fact that they best represented the LD5 V6 block.

Compatible LD5 Installations

The way that you install and use the 3.8 liter V6 is up to you. The factory standards do not change even if you are purchasing a used assembly. When you note the mileage, you can then consider how and where to place the unit.

PTG inventory is found to support these vehicles as compatible with the 3800 motor:

Monte Carlo
Trans Am

You will get a warranty when using our company. This is not unheard of, but it is kind of rare in the USA. Companies that do not extend coverage for parts are usually out to take your money. You should always get a maximum number of months for protection to set in after you place an order. We do that for you.

Buy Used LD5 Motors Here

We have vintage and late model motors for Buick vehicles in stock. You can look in our inventory at any time using this website. The finder tool programmed for all people to access is available. Just let the system know the model year and what transmission you will be using. You are presented with a price you can afford.

We still like to talk with people who call us. Even though we are automated on the web, you can call us and speak any time. We go over what the terms of delivery are for each order. We then move to explaining your warranty. Even if you do not buy at our company, we respect that you call us and let us try to help you.