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Lexus GS300 Engine for Sale Used

Toyota introduced its GS300 car with a 2JZGE 3.0L engine in 1993 for Lexus. The block was an inline six-cylinder compatible with a four-speed transmission. The luxury division quickly expanded in part due to the launch of the V6 motor. Even with termination in the 2007 year, replacement components can still be found. PowertrainGuys.com has a Lexus GS300 engine for sale among its used inventory here.

2JZGE and 3GRFSE Motors

Three generations of the 3.0 were part of the Lexus division. The first two divisions which lasted until 2005 sported the 2JZGE 6-cylinder. This edition was considered the most popular because of its initial development. Changes to the exterior and interior of the GS300 did not affect the performance of the motor block. Power was still outputted at 225 hp.

The 2006 and 2007 model years were equipped with the 3GRFSE 3.0L engines. This required the installation of a six-speed automatic transmission. Car owners were immediately impressed with the options in this class. A generous increase to 252 hp was recognized. On this page, each version of the V6 can be ordered.

Used Lexus Engine Warranty

The purchase of something in second hand condition is cause for concern. A buyer has no identification procedures to know that the internal parts are not damaged. This is especially true for any used Lexus V6 motor. A verification of what is included should be made by any retailer to ease the mind of a buyer.

Any of the GS300 engine inventory on sale here is considered low mileage. People will not find a 200,000-mile build in our warehouse. PTG tries to work deals out with suppliers that includes the acquisition of a low mileage build. The warranty policy is something that is featured at zero cost for luxury auto parts purchasers.

Price to Swap a GS300 3.0L Engine

Calculation has to be made when estimating replacement costs. This is one area where consumers can really mess up. The retail price does not always include freight or delivery charges. Things like a core price can also inflate what someone pays. The only sticker price that is found on this website is the real price.

This makes it more affordable to swap a Lexus motor without going to a dealership. Get a special discount just for using our quote computer. The exact year, displacement and make of the car must be added in the web system. This should take no more than a minute to do. A friendly phone call can be directed to the PTG customer support department too.