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Lexus RX300 Engine for Sale

The RX300 is a Lexus SUV that typically used a 3.0 liter V6 engine while for sale. Between 1998 and the 2003 year, millions of vehicles were produced in Toyota factories in the international auto industry. While some blocks where better than others, people still actively seek a good-running Lexus RX300 engine for sale for an honest price tag. Feel free to search the inventory on this website for stock levels.

1MZ-FE V6 Specs

It is very common to find the 3.0 liter installed in a typical US produced RX300. People who have a sport utility vehicle using this block know how reliable it can be as well as how it needs to be taken care of. The 2.2 liter and the 2.4 liter were secondary options at most dealerships. The GS300 also had a more powerful V6 block that was a 3.0 size.

Since the DOHC was better equipped to handle every day usage, most Lexus vehicles had the bigger V6 inside. The VVT-i was an option added during the second generation of production. This added more timing controls over the valves to help with fuel economy as well as a faster take off. A typical 1MZ-FE engine will have up to 220 horsepower available.

In most cases, 24 miles per gallon is the top end of what to expect in terms of fuel mileage. The 5400 RPM rating does impact the fuel burn off levels just like the AWD does. Generally speaking, the four-speed automatic transmission was a good pairing in the RX300 SUVs.

Lexus OEM Parts Warranty

There have been problems reported through the years about the 3.0 liter Lexus motors. People have reported too much oil being burned, the build up of sludge and failed spark plugs. These types of problems are not unique to Toyota, but they do happen from time to time. The very best maintenance can help avoid the blue smoke issue or a rough idle.

Powertrain Guys is one of few online sources that ensures that consumers get a full warranty policy when a sale is completed through our partners. The terms of the plans will vary from time to time, but these are meant to provide a base plan of action when a repair is needed.

Used Lexus Motors Pricing

The technology that helped build this website makes it possible for customers to explore MSRP and discounts automatically. By entering into the web system all relevant data, a price is easy to review. It is also possible to have all details sent to any e-mail address for later viewing.

Getting to know our customer service agents is a plus for a components buyer. A specialist who knows Lexus products is the one answering internal calls. By speaking on the phone, a mistake that would normally be made can be avoided by comparing a vehicle ID number in real time. Only the very best used condition sport utility vehicle blocks are acquired and displayed to people using this PTG hub.