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Used Lincoln Navigator 5.4L Engine

Two 5.4L engines were used to power the Lincoln Navigator starting in the 1998 production year at Ford Motor Company. The U body platform was built for heavy-duty vehicles and the luxury Navigator needed a powerful motor. After success with V8 Lincoln motors, the InTech 5.4L was installed for the first production year. A person who will use this website to buy a used Lincoln Navigator 5.4L engine will save time and money.

The InTech design was the larger dual overhead cam version of the 5.4-liter. Because Ford had not perfected its Triton motor family yet, the early Navigator SUVs were marketed as having the first edition 5.4L V8. The emergence of the Expedition and F150 in the Ford lineup helped bring the upgraded Triton motor to the Lincoln SUV series during its late 1990s manufacturing period.

5.4L Triton Motors for Lincoln SUVs

The Triton was designed to fit into more than one vehicle chassis platform. Both U-body and the T1 bodies can easily accept the 5.4L V8. Each SOHC block was updated a little during the different generations of Navigator production. Although Ford is now using its Ecoboost family in all new vehicles, it is still possible to locate a preowned Triton V8 motor through retailers.

A person who will make a swap for any version of the 5.4-liter motor should know which transmissions are compatible. Ford has used its own technology and has licensed technologies from other builders to design 4-speed and 6-speed automatic gearboxes for the Navigator. The standard edition SUVs, L and Limousine editions are compatible with all of the automatic gearboxes Ford has used for its bigger SUV platform.

OEM 5.4L Motors with Full Warranties

Protecting the future operation of a V8 motor is usually accomplished with some type of aftermarket warranty plan. A person who ends up shopping on the web for a used Lincoln motor will likely encounter sellers that offer cheap pricing. A savvy buyer who knows to look at more than a sticker price will know that not all companies pay for shipping or warranty plans for consumers.

The Powertrain Guys company supplies consumers with full coverage 5.4L SUV engine warranties. Because every motor block has a separate count of mileage, it is more difficult to know if an OEM part will last for a long period of time. The components warranties that are supplied seek to cover many of the originally installed Triton motor block parts.

Buying Used Lincoln Navigator Engines

How much is a 5.4L Ford engine? The easy answer is that prices will vary by as much as $500 depending on the seller. The Powertrain Guys offers what might be the best discounts for replacement V8 motor blocks that are complete builds. The U.S. distribution centers that help handle all order fulfillment make it possible to provide such discounts to average people. Get a quote here or call the order line for assistance.