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LT4 Engine for Sale

The LT4 is an engine by GM now for sale in Corvette and Cadillac performance cars. This 6.2 liter displacement block can reach speeds of up to 650 hp. It has performed so well in the domestic market that talk is now underway to install it in the newest Camaro. A car owner or other person can buy an LT4 engine for sale using this site.

Specs of the LT4 Block

The huge cubic inch size of the 6.2 is something to brag about. The calculated total of 376 CID means there is no loss in power. The CTS-V as well as the Corvette each marketed the strong V8 build to the public since 2015. The aluminum intake and heads are a near perfect match for reliability.

A supercharger is installed OEM to help the LT4 motor reach its peak performance. Eaton is the company that builds these units. With a liquid intercooler system, no overheating happens at higher speeds. The compression is 10:0:1. A standard of extreme power has been created with the development of the 6.2 LT4 V8 engine.

Active Fuel Management is a newer General Motors technology being installed into all vehicle brands. The high pressure pump mixed into the fuel injection system is what keeps things running smoothly. The 8L90E transmission offers the base shifting level.

LT4 Complete Engine Warranty

Powertrain Guys is an example of a web-only retailer still working hard for the public. Car enthusiasts are just one portion of the market we cover with our products. The used Chevy V8 motors we do acquire in our daily acquisitions include performance builds. The complete blocks receive a warranty plan that is destined to become great.

Since the 6.2 liter motor has no direct competition, just owning one is a true claim to fame. The fuel economy is not something that GM sacrificed during manufacturing. Each of the salvage partners that help us secure drivetrain components is responsible for underwriting the warranty coverage.

Buy LT4 Crate Engines Here

We ship a crate that holds each motor and protects it in transport. Our team works hard in our warehouse to meet order deliveries. You do not want to worry about when the product will arrive after placing your order. We understand what it takes to run a professional retail business. Since we do not have print catalogs that go out of date, our company uses technology to inform people the sale price and other details.

A quote will be the first portion of the procedure to buy our GM motor inventory. You get this by inquiring on this page or simply by calling us on the phone. A helpful and super knowledgeable employee awaits you. We can further explain things important like mileage and product condition. PTG is expanding its 8 cylinder big-block inventory.