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LX9 Engine for Sale

The 3.5-liter LX9 RPO 8th digit VIN L engine was added to the GM inventory in the 2004 year. As one of the High Value (HV) blocks, the standard overhead valve design was included. While first introduced in the Chevy Malibu, the 3500 versions were quite popular. In order for someone to buy an LX9 engine for sale, it is essential to search the used versions on this website.

Specs of the LX9 3500

The ever-popular 3.4 in the GM family provided the core of the revised 3.5. By including a new throttle system controlled by electronics, a smoother performance could be achieved. There are 214 cubic inches found in the cast iron block of the LX9. The rating for horsepower is somewhere between 196 and 240.

A programming change to the PCM or powertrain control module is one of the features most liked about the 3.5L V6. The compression found in the block is 9:8:1. Along with the gasoline fuel system, an E85 is now common place for most General Motors builds.

The cooling procedure in the HV series is unique. A thermostat is used to vary the temperature of the bock casing. It takes approximately 4.5 quarts of oil to fill the chamber.

Automobiles using the LX9 motor include:


The 2012 model year was the final installation of the 3.5-liter in USA motor vehicles. Most of the production is now complete in Japan through manufacturing partnerships. Some people seek how to upgrade an LX7 to LX9 before swapping a working version. It is possible through mods to conduct a performance upgrade of the High Value 6-cylinder editions.

Problems With the LX9 3.5

Some people have reported that the plastic casing that surrounds some of the gaskets is weak. This can be melted causing air flow problems. No public announcement has been officially made at General Motors, but a fix for this issue is not difficult. The 3.5 LX9 engine inventory presented right on this website is good condition preowned quality.

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