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M13 Transmission in Used Condition

The M13 is a GM transmission that can refer to a few different assemblies. Through the years, General Motors has recycled many of its classic option codes. Identifying the right gearbox is the first step to successfully purchasing a replacement. Powertrain Guys is one of few shops left selling an M13 in used condition in the North American market.

History of the M13 HD Assembly

Automobiles produced as early as 1956 sported what was known as a 3-speed manual gearbox. The Buick model was coined the M13 in GM documentation. In the mid 1960s, Borg Warner produced a variation of the HD assembly. When manufacturing facilities were changed, the ID tag was again updated. This can cause confusion over which version is the one someone needs.

There are two main units built from 1967 to the early 1970s that classic car restorers take interest in. The first is a Dearborn M13 transmission. These were found in Pontiac vehicles and some Chevy cars. The Muncie 3-speed was produced after the Dearborn unit and neither of these editions are part of the current manual assembly lineup.

Late Model 4-Speed GM M13 Transmission

The 440-T4 was part of the turbo hydramatic series at General Motors. This gearbox preceded the 3-speed editions. As an updated model, this type was renamed at the start of the 1991 year. The 4T60E, as it is now known, has been a major player in the truck, automobile and SUV vehicle manufacturing.

The final year of the 4L60E installations was in 2000. The history of this edition can be traced to Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile brands. Any person who is confused about what the ID tag is on a version of the M13 should verify the size of the motor. Making sure that that correct VIN number is tied to a particular transmission is a good policy.

M13 Transmissions for Sale Online

There is a database open to anyone who uses this parts portal to find a replacement build online. The easy way to locate the right model is to input what information is required into the system here. In just a couple of seconds, a precise inventory will be displayed. A salvage auto parts provider will present inventory and a price that is usually discounted. Freight is usually free for business clients and reduced in price for residential deliveries.

A representative is available by phone who is a car parts specialist. Dialing the number provided at this website takes no time at all. A cross reference can be made to the RPO code, MSRP price and other data on file to help someone to buy used automobile transmissions from PowertrainGuys.com.