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Used M15 Transmissions

The M15 option code from GM identifies two gearbox types used since the 1960s. The installation of 3-speed and 4-speed models has helped performance and standard edition automobiles. When someone searches the web for price or compatibility help, data about used M15 transmissions can be hard to locate. Powertrain Guys offers this portal to present all products for GM automobiles.

History of Saginaw M15 Transmissions

General Motors used a pretty simple naming convention before the 1990 restructuring. The city where a transmission was produced is what name the build took on. In reference to the M15, these were called Saginaw models. The manufacturing plant where the units were assembled was a main competitor in the muscle car era.

Between the years 1964 and 1979, GM produced millions of its classic 3-gear versions. A later M20 was optioned due to its 4-gear shifting capability. Someone looking on the Internet for data concerning the older M15 units will likely come across two different RPO codes. This is slightly confusing about these models.

4T65E Versus M15 Gearbox

Apart from the immediate name differences, there is a lot that is different about the modern and vintage assemblies. The manual shifting technology found in the Camaro and GTO vehicles was related to the 3-gear editions. Anything built after 1997 and until 2011 is a 4T65E electronic controlled version.

The controls on the interior of the builds use an ECM (electronic control module or PCM (powertrain control module) for a majority of the operations. There were two separate torque converters found in the production years of the 4T65E. The difference in size of the models also affected the torque available.

GM Transmissions With Warranties

PowertrainGuys.com is a certified used parts center. The top automotive salvage yards in the USA distribute anything buying here online. The variation in inventory created the need for better consumer warranties. Since there are junk parts that give the industry a bad name, extending the protection for a good portion of OEM components was the right thing to do. Anything bought from this website receives 24-month components protection.

Buy Preowned 4T65E Transmissions Here

The classic and modern version of the M15 option code gearboxes are sourced right from this website. In no time at all, a person has the ability to explore what price tags are attached to every product in stock. The database of second hand components here is sortable in real time. This does make matching a certain part much simpler on the web. To buy what is displayed, a purchase link is provided or a number to call is offered.