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Used M20 Transmission

The M20 is a Muncie transmission used by GM in many vehicles from 1963 to 1974 in the USA. This model was a 4-speed unit compared to similar editions that included on a few gears. The Corvette is one of the popular automobiles that has publicized the M-Series gearboxes. Not being able to find a quality unit from aftermarket sellers is a real problem for consumers. Powertrain Guys supplies used M20 transmission inventory on this website.

Identification of M20 Gearboxes

Depending on which year is tamped on the casing, someone can tell pretty easily when a unit was manufactured. The input and output splines are different for the 1960s transmissions. 10 and 27 gears were found on all of the early versions while 26 to 32 are on all late model products.

The ID stamps were a bit different and can have letters instead of numbers. Regardless of knowing how to identify a Muncie transmission, a person can still save money when buying one in second hand condition. The M20 transmission for sale inventory available here is OEM inventory that is certified as used condition.

Compatibility for M20 Assemblies

Nearly the complete range of GM automobiles showcased the 4-gear versions. The Camaro, Firebird, Impala, Grand Prix, Tempest, Chevelle, Century, El Camino, Nova and Cutlass vehicles are compatible with the M20 transmissions. It is quite popular for restoration companies and mechanics to search the secondary market for a low mileage product.

Not every company will provide warranty coverage for internal parts on the Muncie gearbox. Unless a company has the ability to rebuild components, it can be a struggle to find a match. Nothing on this PTG website has been rebuilt although tests have proven reliability. Every person who orders here receives a warranty plan that is a two-year policy.

Prices for a Used Muncie 4-Gear

PowertrainGuys.com is one source on the Internet to buy older gearboxes from GM and other auto companies. The price data that is viewable and searchable here is always accurate. A top junk yard or auto dismantler will distribute ordered components. Each factory warranty that is provided is explained at the time of ordering.

A vehicle identification number, year of production and accurate automaker needs to be provided in the database supplied on this page. Discounted MSRP prices are displayed when a valid match for a product is made in the system here. Help from a service expert is offered by phone as well.