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M32 Transmissions for Sale

The 4L65E gearbox is an RPO M32 assembly built by GM. People trying to swap one of these models should know a little about what is available second hand. In the year 2001, the GVW was modified to include 6500 lb automobiles. The 4-gear electronically powered units built at that time each featured updated components. Anyone can buy M32 transmissions for sale when shopping this auto parts portal.

Specs of the 4L65E

General Motors had a licensing partnership with Isuzu in the 1990s. While sharing technology as well as motors, the two companies also shared transmissions. The Axiom vehicle was the very first to have the M32 installed in the year 2002. Any motor vehicle that was manufactured with the 6.0-liter Vortec V8 engines had the 4L65E installed.

There are rear planetary gears as well as up to seven separate clutches on the automatic 4-speed editions. Because of the use of solenoids to control on/off pulses, the clutch packs are a necessary inclusion. The full-size sport utility vehicles, Corvette and Hummer vehicles that promote the M32 assemblies are heavy-duty automobiles.

4L60E VS 4L65E: The Differences

The stator motor shafts were upgraded compared to the 4L60E model. A calibration was made to the valve body to provide better performance. A person looking for information about how to identify a 4L65E transmission can use the information posted here on this page.

The weight of the M32 is about 195 pounds. Not every web retailer offers deals on freight or residential deliveries. People who hope to buy a secondary market assembly should factor in the price of state-by-state shipping to calculate the MSRP price.

Dexron VI is the only officially supported fluid that can be added to the case assembly. This mixture provides the best lubrication and reduces heat from the high-speed gearing. In most cases, it takes about 11 quarts of this fluid to properly fill the 4L65E bottom pan.

How to Buy M32 Used GM Transmissions

Powertrain Guys receives its inventory through the salvage market. What this means is that gearboxes pulled from working automobiles are resold through a distribution network. Consumers who enter and use the database on this portal receive immediate price information. All discounts, inventory, warranty plans and free shipping offers are displayed.

Someone who can provide a valid VIN number will be able to continue placing an order. If there is not a number available, a call to customer support might be necessary. A toll-free hotline is one of the freebies that are made available here. Web price quotes and offline quotes are available to any person who needs to buy a used 4L65E transmission in the USA.