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M5OD Transmission for Sale

Mazda unveiled its M5OD transmission after a partnership with the Ford Motor Company. As a manual gearbox, these units were hand-selected for installation into certain vehicles. Starting in the 1988 year, demand was still strong for a stick-shift model. As support decreased, production of the 5-speed was minimized in 2011. A person can find M5OD transmission for sale inventory on this website.

There are 3 versions of the M5OD that have been used in the past 20 years at Ford. The first edition has only one overdrive gear. A reverse gear is also provided. The second edition is the electronic sensor models. These were used more commonly in diesel and high-powered V8 enabled vehicles. A maximum torque range was received due to the synchronization of all gears.

Tag Numbers M5OD Overdrive Transmissions

The most common versions built between 1988 and the year 1992 featured tags that started with E8TA. A later F1TA tag was introduced based on the factory where the gearboxes were developed. When electronic sensors were added, the tag numbers changed. The F2TA, F65A and XL34 were late model productions of the 5-speed Mazda designed gearboxes.

The Ford Ranger, Explorer, F150, Bronco II and Mazda B vehicles all used different gearbox tag IDs. An R1 or R2 designation is related to the first or second production run. A heavy-duty version was introduced in the 1997 year use in the Explorer SUVs that used a 4.0L engine block. The Ranger trucks that had the SOHC V6 installed also featured the HD transmissions.

Buy Used and Rebuilt M5OD Transmissions

The use of overdrive gears is a Ford Motor Company specialty. Getting a gearbox installed as an OEM build is not always simple. There are many performance and third-party builds being sold on the Internet. Powertrain Guys only deals with rebuilt or preowned models. This does give any person the chance to buy a standard shift 5-speed for a good price.

A direct ordering process here saves time. Once a model year and an accurate make of a vehicle is provided, a regular sale price is displayed. This price already features a two or three-year warranty term. Activation of the warranty can come during the final checkout phase. Since shipping is always a deal breaker, most of the inventory from Ford and Mazda on sale here comes with free shipping.