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M74 Allison Transmission Used

Allison 1000 refers to the M74 transmission in many GM vehicles. This gearbox was manufactured under an agreement to produce 5-speed and 6-speed versions for late model vehicles. This build was constructed for use with high horsepower engines like the V8 gasoline or diesel versions. Shopping this website to find an M74 Allison transmission used is a smart decision by consumers.

Automatic 5-Speed or 6-Speed Versions

The original plan for the 1000 series gearbox when it debuted in the Silverado in the year 1999 was to keep it a 5-gear edition. GM started to use more diesel motor blocks and needed a more powerful towing solution. A 6-speed model was produced in the early 2000s that added the extra gear for more torque.

The M74 transmission is typically offered on the Internet by resellers in two formations. The first is a rebuilt Allison gearbox. These are sometimes built by hand or built through an automated parts pulling procedure. It is common for a person to research a Cummins to Allison swap before buying a reconditioned model.

The second type is a preowned version. These have been pulled straight out of junk yard SUVs and pickup trucks. While the build quality is still strong, mileage is one factor that might cause concern to a potential buyer. When shopping around for a used Allison 1000 transmission for sale, the best practice to undertake is to ask about long-term warranty programs with a supplier.

Compatibility With M74 Allison

The Silverado, Sierra, Kodiak and Topkick each had a version of the automatic models installed. Other installations include Yukon and Suburban vehicles manufactured between 1999 and the year 2013. One of the best things to know about the 1000 series is that it can work well with a 2WD or a 4WD motor.

The gear ratio for the M74 gearbox is 3.10, 1.81, 1.41, 1.00, 0.71 and an added 0.61 for 6-speed models. The actual specs from General Motors can vary due to different periods of production. Not every person has access to a service manual to review the data sheet when swapping an assembly.

Problems With Allison Transmissions

Any electronic controlled unit will have a failed sensor or solenoid at some point. Issues like overheating or fluid leaks can be unfortunately common on the high mileage products. A third party oil cooler can be installed after an M74 is installed to keep it from overheating when the gearbox is under stress.

Buy Used 1000/M74 Gearboxes Online

Powertrain Guys has a fully developed computer system that lists MSRP price discounts. By using a manufacturer name or model year as search metrics, review sale data is simple. Customer service agents are part of what consumers will find when shopping here. The top auto resellers and salvage yards in the USA distribute everything here for sale. This is how warranty plans can be extended for all second hand units in stock.