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Saturn M75 Transmission for Sale

GM used the M75 transmission from 2001 to 2005 in the U.S. market. These were found in Saturn automobiles. It was common to locate a 2.2L engine powering the VTI gearbox. While there was a known failure rate publicly, people still try to find a Saturn M75 transmission for sale online. PowertrainGuys.com is one trusted source retailing these units.

VTI: Front-Wheel Drive Gearboxes

Many automakers have coined some acronym to trademark a version of the variable transmission. GM is no different. The VTI technology was expected to increase sales of the Saturn brand globally. By offering a manual 5-speed with variable controls, auto owners could get the best of both words. To save money during manufacturing, GM produced these assemblies in Hungary.

The reason for changing over to the VTI was to increase fuel economy. Instead of toying with the motor, the decision was made to improve the gearbox. Companies like Honda and Ford had already developed a version of the continuously variable transmission technology.

Decision to Swap a Defective M75

The Ion and Vue were two of the best-selling automobiles at Saturn. Prior to the termination of this brand, there were many of these vehicles on roadways. A high failure rate was known publicly for the 2002 through 2004 production years. GM even settled a class action lawsuit with some vehicle owners, based on mileage, of the installed gearboxes.

Belts were common to break or pull up out of the assembly. Tensioners could fail and this was a main problem. Some people reported having a total failure. It is hard to tell just by looking at an M75 Saturn transmission if anything is actually wrong.

If someone does not buy certified preowned units here, it is helpful to evaluate the following problems:

1. Broken CVT chain
2. Bad PCM
3. Overheated assembly
4. Gasket leaks

PTG retails units in stock here that are fully warranted for a number of months after purchase. A qualified expert has made the determination that these models are ready to install without common errors.

Prices for Replacement Saturn Transmissions

Finding components for defunct automaker brands is hard to do. Not many junk yards even support some brands anymore. If someone is lucky enough to find a local dealer, the chance of having a low mileage VTI gearbox is pretty low. Right from this portal, a person can get discounted MSRP pricing. Choose the model year after entering the system to locate the best deals.

A support number to order or to inquire by phone is found here. Knowledgeable specialists handle every call and make the process easy to complete. Through a full network of certified resellers, inventory can be found in all parts of North America.