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Miata 1.8L Engine Used OEM

Miata and MX-5 vehicles used the 1.8L engine during the entire run of manufacturing in the U.S. and Japanese markets. While not really known as JDM motor, the BP series I4 block used inside of Mazda vehicles is known for having a lot of power. North American auto buyers in the early 1990s and the 2000s found out how good the B series motors were. Anyone can buy a used 1.8L Miata engine at a discount price here at PowertrainGuys.com.

The sports car design of the Miata needed a capable motor. The Generation I editions offered 110 cubic inch builds that worked with a five-speed or four-speed gearbox. These first editions were used exclusively in Japan until 1993 when offerings in the U.S. for the MX-5 edition were available. Most people are probably the most familiar with the BP-F4 and BP-23 models.

1994 to 1999 BP Miata Engines

Dual overhead cam options were included in the American versions of the Miata. While the block was still an inline design, the issuance of units with an improved airflow system offered better horsepower. Because the MX-5 and Miata were both RWD vehicles, the power level was not reduced by the placement of the motor.

Compatibility with a manual and automatic transmission is one of the pluses with the BP series motors. There are third-party mods that can be purchased to help a person to get a little more out of the 1.8-liter build. As a tuner engine, achieving top speed is easier with a block that starts in good condition. The second hand builds here at Powertrain Guys are premium editions.

Low Mileage Mazda Motors

Getting block to fit correct is one challenge that happens to a person who buys aftermarket modified motors. When sticking with a true OEM build, it is possible to get the lowest amount of mileage on the gently used block. A range of 35,000 to 99,000 is still respectable for the 1.8L. Whether a turbo is installed or not, the actual motor miles do play a role in how many years are left in the motor.

Every used Miata motor block that is sold as an I4 build on this website comes with a warranty policy. No person will have to suffer if an issue protected by the warranty happens. An exchange, swap or repair of components might be included in the protection plan. This eases the minds of people who plan to tune the MX-5 compatible motors on this website.

Quotes for 1.8L Mazda Engines Online

Immediate exploration happens here when someone enters the inventory virtually using the computer database. VIN numbers are available to check. Discounts are promoted. Data about warranties is also featured. There is a lot of value when using the Powertrain Guys to find used condition Mazda car motors online.