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Mountaineer 4.0 Engine for Mercury SUV

The Mountaineer used a 4.0 engine for its Mercury produced SUV. The first block was the Cologne V6. It was the same powerful build that was found in the Explorer. There was nothing wrong with using older push rod technology in the late model builds. Complete confidence was witnessed by engineers when constructing the Mountaineer 4.0 engine for Mercury SUV vehicles. Buy one on this website cheap.

4.0L Cologne Engine Specs

Horsepower can change a little bit based on production years. The first editions were able to reach as high as 160 hp. This was pretty standard in the SOHC. Improvements did take place after the 1997 year bringing the power level up to 210 hp. The cubic inch displacement of 242 meant that the V6 was one of the biggest in a Mercury vehicle.

There is more than one timing chain on the 4.0 engine block. These are installed and tightened to control more than one function. Hydraulic lifters were part of the original design. The Cologne V6 was always paired with a four-speed automatic or five-speed automatic in the Mountaineer.

Salvage Mercury V6 Motors

2010 was the last year of production for the Mercury division. Someone looking around for a replacement block might find one of two vehicle ID numbers. The one that is available here is the VIN E 8th digit model. This is the non flex fuel version. A person would have to match VIN K 8th digit to order this edition. Everything presented here is in salvage condition.

This is sometimes called preowned. Mercury junk yards in the U.S. are tapped to supply PTG with the units in stock. The condition is way above average. In many cases, the block mileage is pretty low for an older build. This is one way that consumers are won over shopping here. Honesty certainly is the best policy.

Buy Mercury Mountaineer Engines

Used is the only option to locate here. Nothing is rebuilt. Buying is as easy as locking in the discount price and calling us to order. The quotation tool is programmed and ready for daily usage. People who have smartphones or standard computers make use of this system each day.

The exact stock and all details concerning the condition are known by consumers. Our team is open to phone communication using our contact number. Try out PTG today. Stop overpaying for second hand 4.0 Cologne motors using auction websites.