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Nissan Quest Transmission for Sale

The Quest is one minivan type that has used three transmission types while for sale. Even though the manufacturing was a co-venture between Ford and Nissan, the gearboxes were produced in other factories around the world. You can find a Nissan Quest transmission for sale while browsing the inventory on this website.

Quest Transmission Specs

Can you identify your Quest automatic transmission? Some people cannot because of a lack of a dealer service manual. Trying to read and understand parts stampings is very frustrating. The actual part number for the four-speed automatic assembly first used inside the Quest by Nissan is RE4F04A.

This was the primary version until the production of the five-speed unit took place. The product code for this gearbox is RE5F22A. These were two examples of a stable and reliable assembly in modern automotive engineering. The reports of things not working right came after installations of the CVT.

After the model year 2002, a switch was made to the constantly variable assemblies. Since there is a dry clutch pack on these models, lubrication is one problem that has been reported. Even a class action lawsuit was opened up to protect consumers with reimbursement direct from Nissan Motor Corp.

Nissan Compatible Assemblies

The engine size in your minivan can be either a 3.3 V6 or a 3.6 V6. It is the same setup that Ford used for its Mercury Villager vans. While this does make things easier from a repair standpoint, it does not solve the problem for a person who does not have access to preowned inventory to purchase.

Any swap of a Nissan transmission is a gamble. Even if you do the work yourself, the risk of making an error is awfully high. You can pay a service center $1000 or more in labor costs for a swap. You still might be unhappy with the results you receive. The labor is not usually the issue. It is the quality of the assembly used.

Buy Used Quest Transmissions Here

PowertrainGuys.com is a USA resource to locate and order used import and domestic gearboxes. We do support Mazda, Ford and other partners with Nissan. Knowing the part codes is not essential but helpful. What our system uses to figure out the selling price is a production year and minivan make. If you have this data, get your quote now.

The customer support and service PTG gives to you is amazing. Every one of our employees is trained to identify and locate a used automatic transmission you request. Through parts dealers and secondary sources, we always have what people want. When the price displayed to you is OK, call our company to begin placing your order.