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NP200 Transfer Case for Sale

The NP200 is a Military Jeep transfer case. It was designed to fit into specific vehicles that are used in armed forces transport. There are generally two gear choices that a person can make on these during operation. The high or low gear option works perfectly with the Borg Warner transmissions. Buy an NP200 transfer case for sale using our components website.

M37 Case Assemblies

Dodge built the Military trucks known as the M37. These are all four-wheel drive and are rated for three-quarter tons. Even though these are vintage, many are still in use in bases all around the world. What is special about these trucks is that the NP200 assembly is the factory installed case.

Because of the shape and size, there is more than one armed forces vehicle where the New Process Gear assemblies will fit. It is best to test each fitting to make sure the bushings will work. The internal gearing is generally the same output. The shaft might accept more than one spline gear.

M17 Jeep Transfer Case

There are a couple of variants that were produced that will fit the M17 Jeeps. The units that we are selling here are either refurbished or used. There is always a stock of these on hand. Just like Government vehicle buyers, we acquire these at auctions and through trade-ins. It is almost impossible to find what we sell at a local junk yard.

There is a warranty policy supplied with our inventory retailed to the public. The specific terms will always depend on the remanufactured or preowned cases. What is good to know is that we stand behind this coverage. It is out of respect for our customers that we offer such a good protection plan.

Buying NP200 Transfer Cases

Powertrain Guys deals in all things automotive. The engine, transmission, axles and case assemblies are all what make vehicles run better. Through our own acquisition plans, we have are always building up quite the inventory. We arrange shipments by way of FedEx or another carrier of your choosing.

A simple price quote through this website is what we are offering. Using the finder tool, select the year and the manufacturer make that is needed. Once an estimate has been prepared, a click-through to the order page can happen. We have a staffed customer department that takes care of our phone calls and other business related to servicing transfer cases.