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NP203 Transfer Case for Sale

The New Process NP203 is a transfer case for pickup trucks. These directly attached to a transmission to help power 4×4 vehicles. The first design came in the year 1973. This is when manual gearboxes were the only options available. Its chain-drive mechanism is pretty reliable when held to modern standards. PowertrainGuys.com sells NP203 transfer case for sale inventory.

Back in the old days, cast iron was the metal of choice. It is not like auto engineering today where aluminum or a cheaper metal is selected. The housing around the 203 is made out of iron. The input spline was different based on the automaker supplying the case assembly. Ford, General Motors and Dodge each had their own versions.

Married NP203 Case Assemblies

When it comes to understanding the way cases work, terms like married or divorce come to mind. During much of the manufacturing in 1970s, the married case assemblies were preferred. This is because of the manual shift that is needed. There are late model variations of the New Process units that have a completely different setup.

One issue that owners could never get past is a wadded up chain. Since the chains can become stretched, repairs were needed at times. This was an simple fix, but it was kind of a disappointment on such a promising component. Every four-wheel drive vehicle produced before the year 1980 was similar.

Full-Time Operation and Specs

For shipping estimates, about 170 pounds is what the typical New Process 203 weighs. This is a bit heavier than NVG ones that were used in later pickup trucks. Standard 10W 30 motor oil is all that is needed to keep the gears well lubricated. Transmission fluid is not recommended. Most of the housings had the ID tag positioned on the shaft.

The shift pattern is pretty stable in the 203 transfer case. It is known as full-time operation since many different selections can be made. The bearings are strong although can sometimes be rusted out on a preowned assembly. Buyers should keep this in mind.

Buy NP203 Transfer Cases

A quote for a rebuilt or used assembly is what we give out on this website. We are a professional company. Our technicians have decades of real life experiencing tearing down and rebuilding auto parts. We give dual options for ordering because we have so many suppliers. There is not much of a noticeable price increase for the remanufactured units.

Our experienced staff at Powertrain Guys is always taking calls. Get in touch with us if the computer system on this site is not working correctly. We want to be your wholesale supplier or direct source to buy replacement transfer case inventory.