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NP205 Transfer Case for Sale

The NP205 is a good transfer case designed in 1969. New Process Gear was the leading manufacturer of this assembly. While Dodge is the brand that made this cast iron unit famous, there were plenty of installations inside of Chevy and Ford trucks. The cost to swap out a unit is lower here. PTG retails an NP205 transfer case for sale without all of the hassle of auction portals.

Specs for the NP205 Assembly

The drive type was classified as part-time. A series of gears were used to provide the torque needed when the transmission starts turning. There is only one housing on the 205 case. This was constructed with cast iron like many pre-1980 auto parts.

Manual gearboxes were the choice in trucks before automatic controls were constructed. Both high and low gear settings were a big part of what the New Process Gear models provided. Something to watch out for during an install is the sizes of the spline gears. No less than six sizes were utilized by automakers.

Replacing the New Process 205

It might be under the passenger side or it might be under the driver side chassis. Knowing where to find the old unit in hopes of putting on a newer one is the key. It is not essential to use a mechanic or a service center to do the job. Most savvy gasoline or diesel engine powered vehicle owners can tackle the work.

These assemblies are heavy though. It is not like handling just an empty casing. They weigh about 150 pounds. Most still have the ID tag on them. This can determine the year of production, actual serial number and what gear ratios were at in an OEM build.

Buying Rebuilt or Used NP205

It all comes down to money. In simplest terms, even a remanufactured unit has been used. What is changed is the gears and any other defects that are found during a strip down. Powertrain Guys retails both types of products for customers. People who do not mind a little mileage and a little rust choose a preowned NP205 to buy.

A strong warranty does matter. Getting the best life span possible out of any type of component purchased through a second hand shop is a very good thing. PTG has a standard warranty that ships complete with all of what we provide right on this page.

NP205 Replacement Transfer Cases

We do the work that most companies do not do. This includes cleaning and closely inspecting a second hand assembly. We understand that to make a replacement work it has to be at a certain level of quality. We surpass that here.

Get your discounted price off the original MSRP here. Use the computer system we supply to start a quote. Even though it is quickly accomplished, we can help you over the phone too.