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NP208 Transfer Case for Sale

The NP208 made its debut at New Process in 1980. This unit was built from an aluminum compound. It is a little lighter than earlier versions that were all cast iron. A chain drive mechanism is part of the married configuration. These are still found in North America is several formats. Order an NP208 transfer case for sale through our website right now.

Specs of the New Process 208

The shifting format is always manual on this series. Even with a high range and low range gear setup, it was still a perfect fit for many trucks and Jeeps. Each automaker provides specifications on whether the input spline is modified or not. GM most often used the NP208 along with turbo-hydramatic transmissions.

Not to be outdone, Ford Motor Company and Dodge each used a variation of this assembly in plenty of motor vehicles. Sometimes, in a Chevy ID tag, the part number is listed as 208C. This should not confuse someone who is trying to find a match. Every manufacturer has a different code number on the tag.

Warranties for NP208 Assemblies

Gearing is the heart of any transfer case or transmission. A bent piece of metal ensures that no gear can rotate correctly. Original factory parts are supposed to not have defects. When someone rebuilds a New Process case assembly, care is often taken to inspect each one of the internal gears.

Powertrain Guys has its own inspection procedures. Since there are used and remanufactured units on this website, a warranty supplied to every person making a sale. No transaction is complete without this documentation. The parts as well as labor are already factored into our warranty estimates.

Recently Pulled New Process Cases

For our second hand inventory, these are recent pull outs from American junk yards. There are still a lot of vehicles that are on roadways using the older NP208 cases. We do get to pick first when it comes to acquiring these versions. The removal is always supervised and no OEM parts are marred in the procedure.

Buy Replacement Transfer Cases

New Process Gear and New Venture Gear are some of the inventory that we stock. Your price is waiting inside our computer. A couple of mouse clicks will be enough to know how much these assemblies cost. As an alternate method, we take orders and requests over the phone. Our company still believes in customer service and after-sale support.