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NP231 Transfer Case for Sale

Jeep vehicles used the NP231 case assembly first in 1988. The downfall of the AMC company did not deter installations into many popular SUVs at the time. The Wrangler is often identified by its motor, transmission and case. PowertrainGuys.com provides an NP231 transfer case for sale at one amazing price.

Specs and Use of the NP231

The old Borg Warner units were the go-to assemblies that were in Jeep motor vehicles in the 1970s. Use of the chain drive mechanism was pretty common. Changes that were put into place included a direct drive high gear setup. For a 4×4 vehicle, this was an essential part of reliable operation.

One thing people enjoy about swapping the 231 case is its low weight. Unlike the older versions, the weight is less than 100 pounds. This certainly makes it easier for a person to do a swap without the need of a second or third person. Bolt styles did vary on the New Process Gear versions across Dodge and GM designs.

Refurbished or Recycled Cases

When someone uses the word recycled, it usually means a build that is preowned and taken from a regular vehicle. A refurbishing job can sometimes be performed on these editions. PTG does customers a favor by offering two types of builds in its sellable inventory. This pleases both sides of the fence in the automotive parts world.

Speedometer gears were installed from the factory. This was essential because of a cable connect system on early models. The gears that make up this system can be changed out to a different set. This means someone who wants to customize the installation can do so without harming the factory specs.

NP231 Long-Term Warranty Coverage

Something old is something new again to a different buyer. Buying transmissions or other parts at a junk yard is a good thing budget wise. It helps people save money, and gets them back on the road. Being careful about selecting a good quality build will go a long way in long-term usage.

Every warranty plan that PTG provides covers each component inside of the case. The minimum term is provided even for second hand inventory that we market across North America. It is from these policies that an established customer base has been built.

Prices for NP231 Transfer Cases

A review of our price schedule is supplied on this website. Get the model year together along with the 4×4 vehicle type to use our platform. It is not essential to log into our computer. It is all open source. Using a smartphone or laptop does not matter. Calling customer service in time to place an order before the shipment cutoff time is preferred.