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NP242 Transfer Case for Sale

The NP242 case assembly was used in Cherokee and Wagoneer SUVs at Jeep. The time period for the initial installation was 1987. This was a time in history when the truck market was starting to slow down. Options for 4×4 vehicles that were still considered light-duty were manufactured by auto companies. Powertrain Guys offers an NP242 transfer case for sale right on this page.

Do we have the cheapest price? You can find that out when you review what our quote system tells you. A two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive operation is what most people know about the 242 cases. The low and high range gear tuning is what made these units so attractive.

Swapping a NP242 DIY

Most of the transmissions in the Dodge family are coupled with the New Process Gear transfer case. Only a couple of manual assemblies were used. The rest of the time it was an automatic unit that hooked into the housing. The gearing is what to watch out for when doing a custom installation. The output spline is usually a 21 spline although larger ones do exist.

It comes down to price any time that a person does their own work. It is not unheard of for a machine shop or an automotive mechanic to charge $1000 or so to pull and install a transfer case. The price details that we publish on our website are for our customers only. It truly is cheaper to swap an NP242 yourself.

Remanufactured Case Assemblies

In simple to understand terms, it is the rebuilt versions that come with the higher price. It is only because labor is involved by a technician. We take steps to reduce what the final charges will be for a rebuilt NP242. Even though the cost is fair, there will be some buyers who cannot afford to buy these versions.

To help this portion of our customer base, we do offer a used New Process Gear transfer case. The stock is cleaned up using industry standard tools and procedures. The outer casings are in top condition and all internal functions work as intended.

Prices for an NP242 Transfer Case

We believe that technology is the future. Upgrades are what makes older systems like new again. Instead of pushing papers and writing with pencils, an SQL database is how our pricing is retrieved here. Talented staff make updates when sales or discounts happen. These details are always reflected first inside of our technological system on this page.

The same professionals that handle e-mail and quote requests here answer our phone calls. Tap into their knowledge by dialing offline. We have a surplus of inventory that we can ship to any domestic destination.