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NP246 Transfer Case for Sale

GM used the NP246 transfer case in a lot of its vehicles. People are open to the fact that compatibility is plentiful. It is common to find four-speed transmissions and V8 engines that are being utilized with the NP series. What we give people here is the option to purchase an NP246 transfer case for sale online.

Vehicles Using NP246 Cases

There a lot of engines and transmissions that work with the New Process case assemblies. For General Motors vehicles, almost all of the late 1990s and early 2000 builds are compatible. This means that most vehicles with a 4.8L, 5.3L or 6.0L engine can accept an immediate swap of a case.

The following vehicles came with a factory NP246 installed:

– Avalanche
– Silverado
– Tahoe
– Sierra 1500
– Sierra 2500
– Suburban
– Escalade

Making sure that a unit is compatible is only the first step prior to ordering one. These are a big difference in price when it comes to estimating a used model or one that is rebuilt.

Fully Rebuilt or Retail Kits

A retail kit will come with some some gaskets, seals, friction plates and other small parts. The issue is that most of these do nothing to help the gearing. If no fluid is in the assembly, there might be overheating or another really bad problem going on. This cannot be fixed by buying a rebuild kit.

Powertrain Guys supplies fully rebuilt or preowned units. The type of build requested is dependent on the consumer. We have to pay our technicians more money when time is spent remanufacturing inventory. This is why an upward tick in price is noticeable.

NP246 Warranty Policies

All of our own repairs, rebuilds and shipments come from our facility. Because we own everything inside of it, it is perfectly natural to warranty products we supply. We know why you came to this website. You had hopes that you will be given the chance to get a reliable transfer case that has a warranty with it.

Nothing is held back here. We are honest people. Terms are explained before someone orders what we are selling. This goes for any style of a New Process or New Venture unit that we have.

Prices for Replacement NP246

To find out the full extent of our price list, just click on our database. It is here to be a great help. All programming is performed by a dedicated team who are professionals in auto parts. Another way to order or just price check is by calling a member of our staff.