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NP249 Transfer Case for Sale

The Quadra-Trac is another name for an NP249 transfer case. Even though Borg Warner came up with this technology, people might know the name very well. It was established in the 1970s when Jeep vehicles were just started to takeover the consumer market. PowertrainGuys.com has inventory including an NP249 transfer case for sale on this page.

Wagoneer or Cherokee Assemblies

The name change to New Process Gear does not mean anything to the parts inside of the 249 assembly. It will still fit into plenty of Jeep SUVs. The Wagoneer is one example of a vehicle that can easily accept either a rebuilt or used model. The same goes for the Cherokee. The CJ-7 jeep was limited on its usage.

Pretty much anything introduced before the year 1980 used the old style of transfer cases. The ZJ Grand Cherokee is a late model build that will accept the original NPG or newer NVG type.

Quality NP249 Full-Time Units

Spline gears often vary. It is necessary to ask about this before trying to order any kind of replacement. It is usually a big job for someone doing a self pull to accurately install a transfer case. We try to make it easy giving more than one price option. It does take some skill, so we even offer to ship inventory to a service location instead.

Quality is very important with any auto parts. The gears that are inside of an assembly should be tight and still have grip on the teeth. Metal shavings do come off from time to time. Proper lubrication is what helps to prevent a total lockup. Our overview team tests functionality with fluid inside the casing.

Warranty Policies for Inventory

Anything that we retail is backed up by our company. This means verbally and in writing. Trust is gained over a specific period of time in the industry. We choose to set our own goals and rules for our products. We know that good people will be installing what we have rebuilt or have acquired as used. A warranty policy is at the top of our list of things distributed with every delivery.

Prices for NP246 Transfer Cases

One a unit has been identified by its ID tag, you are ready to discover our price structure. Inside of our quotes computer, all retail discounts and other details are found. This is the simplest and often most effective form of research available. The staff of professionals that work here also take phone calls. It never hurts to call us and check with us by telephone.