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NP263 Transfer Case for Sale

GM installed the NP263 transfer case in light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. It is very common to find an automatic transmission linked to this transfer case. Tag numbers do vary although a general swap is pretty much easy to accomplish. Powertrain Guys supplies an NP263 transfer case for sale at a cheap price.

NP Spline Gear Differences

Since there are multiple installations, the spline gears are almost always different. Counting the teeth is one method of knowing you are selecting the right unit. A 29 tooth or 32 tooth spline input means that it is an OEM build. The larger number of gears is suited for the HD trucks and SUVs.

Use by General Motors with gasoline and diesel engines is common. Most of the new numbering is not too confusing on the ID tags. The rear side of the transfer case is the best way to validate what the tag identification number is prior to ordering.

Reconditioned NP263 or Used

PTG has two different types of inventory listed. There is a remanufactured assembly. There is a preowned one. These are actually very similar, but the parts are tuned in the refurbished models. A tear down is initiated and then parts are removed and cleaned. Adding a brand new factory part is sometimes needed.

For the used editions, we clean them up and process them in our warehouse. We do our best to learn if leaks or other problems might exist. All of the testing is conducting with fluid in the housing. This is the only way to take accurate readings.

New Process Gear Warranties

There is no third-party certification body for our warranty policies. We fix units up and then sell them. We know the labor involved. When we say something is certified, we meant it. PTG ensures that a sizable warranty plan is a part of all nationwide sales. Our freight shipments to the USA and Canada are covered.

Buy NP263 Transfer Cases

Orders are accepted here and by phone. To get an idea of how much we charge, you can rely on our digital platform. We only ask what year of vehicle you have and the size of the transmission. These are the basics that we calculate the price structures with. You will never be asked to log into our system or create a password. The discounts you receive are based off the current MSRP.

Calling us through the telephone is a good idea too. It is really good time to ask questions about us or our services. Even if we are not the cheapest source, we give it 100 percent to earn new business.