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NP271 Transfer Case for Sale

Dodge is a truck brand that used the NP271 transfer case. Along with Ford, it was equipped to handle most quarter-ton and three-quarter ton loads. It will accept automatic transmission fluid as the main source of lubrication. Powertrain Guys has a growing stock and can supply an NP271 transfer case for sale here.

Spline Gear Differences

Like any vehicle component, there will always be differences between automaker brands. New Process Gear always did a good job of matching up the input spline gear based on feedback from car companies. When someone goes to buy a replacement NP271, a quick look at the shaft will tell them a lot.

The most common configuration is a 23 input spline gear. The second most used type is the 29 input spline. The operation of the NV271 is pretty standard. It is found in 2WD and 4WD automobiles. Some differences in naming the parts has taken place between the old NPG and much newer NVG ownership.

Specs of the NP271 Cases

Manual and automatic use is common in the NP271. Some consumers try to fix up a non-working unit by buying a rebuild kit. This can be beneficial, but there is no guarantee on the work. Sometimes, parts numbers do cause confusion. Some reference manuals like NP271D as the main part number. This is the same case assembly used in Dodge trucks.

Every four-wheel drive vehicle will benefit when the automatic or manual transmission is in tune with the other parts. Keeping plenty of fluid in the housing is a good start. There are too many stories of smoking gears, leaking fluid and burn out that can be found online. A lot of these issues come from simple negligence.

Rebuilt and Used Units

PowertrainGuys.com is one of the only websites were people can choose between inventory types. Rebuilders are on hand that provide all refurbished versions of NPG transfer cases we sell. On the other hand, our network of junk yard partners through our interchange system is also growing. This lets the average man or women get access to national inventory that we resell here.

Buy NP271 Transfer Cases

Do not wait to get a price somewhere else. Use the formatted tools that we supply to look into our database. Without even having to have a password, a couple of clicks will get you there. A fair and totally honest discount along with our full terms of warranty coverage are given to you.