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NV4500 Transmission for Sale

NV4500 is a manual transmission found for sale in Dodge and GM trucks. This 5-speed assembly entered the automotive industry in the 1995 year. It was built by the New Venture Gear company, and meant for installation into light-duty diesel trucks. What is excellent news for a consumer hoping to find an NV4500 transmission for sale is that these units are still available. PTG has these for a good price point here.

A key component of the system is the dual power takeoff clutch. Unlike some similar gearboxes that have only one PTO, the 5-speed was equipped with two types. The first gear ratio is 5.61:1. The intentional high gearing offers the needed torque with the 5.9 liter Cummins motor. The entire housing is cast iron although an aluminum top is attached.

NVG Complete Manual Gearbox

The shift boot and speed sensor that are included with every OEM assembly are things that can be purchased separately. A consumer who has to replace a defective part might be able to get the transmission working again. Powertrain Guys does supply stock for rebuilt and used condition diesel compatible gearboxes.

Before trying to replace an NV4500 transmission, making certain that the transfer case is working will help. Some people even buy these together in one package. It is a difficult swap to complete with just one person though. It is very common to have components shipped to a service center in order to begin the repair.

Tested NV4500 Assemblies

When it comes to being sure that parts work well, quality cannot be overstated. A talented and knowledgeable person who knows the internal components schematic provides an overview of every gearbox. A junk yard is where PTG finds the units that make it into the company inventory here.

A test and then a re-test is the only two things that verify if all components are working together nicely. Coupling that procedure with a warranty plan is a win-win for customers. The estimated shipping weight begins at 200 pounds. It will take about a gallon of oil to fill up the pan of the NV4500 manual transmission on sale here.

Instant Transmission Pricing

A quick price for any style of gearbox requested is what this website will provide. The bolt pattern is in tact and has not been changed from its original configuration. The application of cost savings is implemented by every partner supplier that we work in collaboration with. The best price is displayed once model year and engine sizing is input inside the quote system on this page. Immediately review the MSRP and subsequent data relevant to the specific model number selected.

Please call us by phone to place orders or ask about the specs of the NVG assemblies. Our team is ready to go over the coverage plans, freight discounts and other things that a person might ask us. Never overpay for a salvage gearbox using this resource. Crate gearboxes are shipped to Canada, auto repair facilities and to regular people.