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Oldsmobile Toronado 3.8L Engines

The Toronado was the recipient of many engines throughout its memorable career as a top General Motors seller. Most people probably remember the 455 Rocket engine that was used for many years as one of the best muscle cars ever produced. We have the smaller but no loss of quality in the 3.8L V6 Buick engine. These crate engines are an exact replica of the original and sold without the high engine price tag of a General Motors dealership. You can have one of our Oldsmobile Toronado 3.8L crate engines shipped right to you for less than you think. Our genuine GM engines are built expertly right inside of our engine shop.

This engine is not the supercharger version although it is just as powerful. We have went out and hired the absolute best General Motors mechanics to build and test our crate engines for sale. What we come up with are engines that are built with our own hands. All of the tools, parts and equipment come from our own engine shop. We are not engine resellers. You are not buying something we didn’t put our sweat into. Every GM engine that we have in stock is built by our own employees. If there is anyone that knows our engines, it is definitely our talented mechanics. We send customers a crate engine regardless of where they live in the world.

Oldsmobile Toronado 3.8L Crate Engines

If you are a fan of any of the “L” series engines from GM, you will love the torque and performance that our engines give out. We love Oldsmobile. We know what this automaker meant to the world of high performance cars. General Motors put a lot into designing the 3.8L engine and it was actually used in many other cars apart from the Toronado. Buying a crate engine does not come with any type of surprises at our company. We are absolutely honest about every single step that we take. We can tell you that GM performance parts are the only parts used when we build a 3.8L V6. We have the right tools and testing equipment to verify all of the work that is completed.

One of the nice things about a crate engine from our inventory is the speed of shipment. We have never had an instance where a customer waited more than just a few business days to receive our in stock engines. That really says a lot about the dedication of our freight staff. Crating engines is not easy and is definitely not a job for a rookie. There are many types of mistakes that can lead to errors with a crate engine. We don’t want to complicate the installation of a 3.8L just because one of our freight team made a mistake. We strive for perfection.

Oldsmobile Toronado 3.8L Crate Engines Pricing

It literally takes just a minute to get a quote from this website. Quotes are processed immediately when the submit button is pressed in our online quote form. Go ahead and try it now. It’s easy and gets the job done. We’re here to answer all GM questions and help you get your hands on a 3.8L Oldsmobile engine for less money than anywhere else online.