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Pontiac Crate Engines Rebuilt for Sale

Pontiac engine sizes vary for crate editions. The Muscle car era played an important role at GM. The big-block series contributed a lot to automotive excellence. People who build vehicles or restore older ones often seek affordable OEM parts. Powertrain Guys is one of the only sources to buy Pontiac crate engines at sale prices on the Internet.

Best Choices for Pontiac Motors

The cubic inch displacement is one piece of data that interests people. It can be confusing if a person has never bought a used or rebuilt engine online. The size of the block is listed as the name of the build. Some of the popular types that we often provide include:

1. 265
2. 301
3. 326
4. 350
5. 389
6. 400
7. 421
8. 427
9. 428
10. 455

These options are available in standard and HO (high output) versions. It has become common to find remanufactured Pontiac motors in various sizes. The V8 size is usually preferred. Depending on the decade of manufacturing, horsepower is almost always different. There were some straight six-cylinder offerings created.

Full Parts Warranty Included

When auto parts are refurbished, a warranty plan should be included. The truth is that some companies avoid more than 90-days of coverage. The original coverage for a component offered by a manufacturer is the longest plan available. PTG does things different.

People use motors on a daily basis. There are show cars or project builds that are used less often. A way to protect these vehicles after swapping a motor is through extended warranties. The rebuilt crate motors that we sell all feature long-term protection.

Pontiac Crate Engine Prices

Anyone who uses this website can call our team. Asking about a price is simple. What other people ask for is shipping terms. The location of delivery will fluctuate the freight costs. This can be discussed with our team. If a person is in a hurry, getting a web discount is possible.

Through a VIN research tool here, a custom quote is available. Automating the process helps people who need to compare costs before making an order. A price lock guarantee is what people receive. We are legitimate sellers. Most third-party pricing can be beat. Try us.