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Ram Cargo Van 3.6 Engine

The Cargo van series by Ram now uses a 3.6 engine inside. This 24-valve V6 block was added to the Chrysler company in the year 2014. Even though some trims of the van series still rely on diesel power, the Ram Cargo van 3.6 engine is still a gasoline type. Both the 1500 and 2500 editions are what someone can order on this website.

60-Degree Pentastar Specs

Even in a used 3.6 block, the specifications should not change. The chain drive 6 cylinder is now the standard in late model versions. The housing is encased in aluminum to help with moving heat away from under the hood. 6400 RPM is what to expect in the stock configuration builds.

The top range of the power spectrum is 280 hp. This is partly thanks to the 10:2:1 compression ratio. The 6 speed automatic transmission is a nice touch with the Ram vans. Just like the Cherokee KL engine, the larger Pentastar works best with the larger series transmission assemblies.

Dual overhead cam is a design that has worked well for Chrysler. Through decades of development, numerous vehicles now reap the rewards futuristic engineering. There are 220 cubic inches of displacement in the Cargo van engines by Ram. If the recent sales will tell of things to come, the revised body shape and engine boost should be consumer favorites.

Salvage Ram Motors

PowertrainGuys.com is not just a secondary resource. It is a real portal that links supply companies with average people. Even though one company might be out of stock of something, there is always another agency that has what a person needs on hand. Arrangement of shipments and cohesion of warranty plans are two things that make PTG stand out amongst the web retailer crowd.

A purchase always includes some variation of a warranty policy. This might be just what a person needs if an OEM part malfunctions. In general, not all of the hundreds of components including water pumps will receive coverage. Most of the major failures that are expensive to fix are what is included in each customized protection plan. What this means is that the Ram drive shaft or other essential parts might be covered after installation.

Prices for Ram 3.6 Engines

A consumer has the right to get honest and transparent pricing. Getting what seems like a deal only to find out that shipping charges are hundreds of extra dollars is frustrating. Locating a low mileage replacement is not the easiest thing to accomplish. With the help of our website, all people have access to used and rebuilt motors that fit into Ram trucks, SUVs and vans.

The procedure to review pricing here takes only seconds to complete. Make sure the production year and size of the block are selected in the web interface. This matches all of what can be ordered and shipped. The total sticker price plus any freight charges are then given when a direct match is found. Ordering can then commence after this data is reviewed. Calling the staff by phone can speed up any of the steps of the quote/order process.