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Rebuilt Chevy Aveo Engine for Sale

Aveo cars by Chevy can use our rebuilt engines in 1.4L or 1.6L size. These are perfectly restored to like-new condition by our experts. Powertrain Guys supplies the public with good inventory. Firstly, a little history about the subcompact cars from GM should be known. The Aveo platform uses blocks meant for Opel automobiles. Depending on where the cars were marketed, a different nameplate could be attached. There are two common Chevy Aveo engines that can be ordered here.

GM 0 Family Motors

The U.S. based LT trim carried the 1.4 and the 1.6 displacement. The Generation III production at GM factories worldwide helped manufacture the 0 family builds. These are known for being easy to swap. When someone goes online to look for a replacement, there are many options to select from. The inventory here at PTG was pulled from used condition Chevrolet cars and is restored to factory sellable condition.

A family 1 model was built known as the Z16SE. This is part of our inventory. The procedure to overhaul and original block is complicated. Not just anyone can start a complete rebuild. It takes skill and the right tools. We adhere to any updates in engineering by General Motors before parts are removed.

Compatible Aveo Transmissions

The Gamma II platform now includes the Sonic trim. The secret is that the same blocks are installed. When it comes to transmissions, there were a several that are compatible. There is a manual and an automatic style. Most are designed as 6-speed editions. The M32, 6T40 and 6T30 are the most common. People like to know these things before buying. 

Our specialists have already conducted pressure testing and road tests. We can confirm that all of the early 5-gear or 6-gear transmissions can be used with the 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter series. Knowing this will help with the process to change out a used Aveo engine with a remanufactured one.

No Bad Engine Codes

When auto parts are restored, they work similar to new ones. A problem with some preowned Chevy engines that people buy is the engine codes. It is easy to hookup an OBD-II reader to check for errors. It is upsetting when a complete block of codes are generated. Failure to correctly test components will result in issues.

Part of the testing that is performed during a routine rebuild features electronic measurements. Our staff is able to validate that every four-cylinder product in stock is free of errors. This is a huge improvement compared with a rusted model for sale on sites like eBay online.

Immediate I4 Price Quotes

Quoting prices is what we like the best. PTG is at the forefront of offering the lowest pricing for complete inventory. A warranty is included as well as an estimate for shipping. Using the system here, anybody can explore our price structures. If something is not displayed, a call to our service professionals will fix the problem. Pay less for our rebuilt Chevrolet inventory.