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Remanufactured Audi Q7 Engines for Sale

The Audi Q7 relies on the 4.2L gas engine in North America. The production of full-size sport utility vehicles continues with the Q-series brand. Different variations of the block can be found in late model versions. People who are looking for remanufactured Audi Q7 engines get the best deals here. Quality second hand units for luxury motor vehicles are retailed at Powertrain Guys.

TDI or Gasoline Motors

The standard engine code on the Q7 4.2-liter is BAR. This is the base version. The block is a 4-valve build. This is part of the regular 90-degree angled motors placed into late model cars. The size is a V8. This is not the only series found in the Q7. A 3.0-liter TDI is also common. Each of these editions in rebuilt condition are found in our supplier inventory.

The diesel option is popular for people to ask for. Not every retailer in the USA supplies remanufactured diesel motors at a sale price. Because of the experience of our builders, we offer a much larger inventory. The specs and horsepower are verified. Taking off older parts and exchanging them for newer ones is the heart of remanufacturing.

6-speed and 8-speed ZF transmissions are found in the Q7. These are certified to work with the FSI fuel system. Through road testing, we are able to determine full compatibility with the ZF gearboxes common in luxury motor vehicles.

V8 Warranty Policies

The complete terms of sale are provided to customers. Pricing a swap should always include parts coverage. A retailer that is unable to offer protection should be avoided. In most cases, our parts are protected for the OEM duration. This supplies the longest usage period. Our specialists always update their training.

Oil leaks, broken timing chains and torn hoses are common in used versions. When our acquisition agents pull out a motor, it is always inspected. We find the issues and correct them. This is what the full reconditioning process includes. We know how long it takes to put back together a 4.2L V8 or 3.0L block.

Prices for Reman Audi Motors

On this page is a price quote tool. This can be utilized to get a quick estimate. Once this is given, the discounts are secured. This is the quickest method to compare a price available. The entire range of products that we sell is priced in this manner. Should a person need more help, a phone call is easy to make.

The reman Q-series blocks on sale here can be ordered by phone. Our specialists can relay information about mileage. They can also help calculate shipping charges if they are applicable. It pays to go straight to the source. Never pay too much for a replacement automobile motor again.